Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Maybe I just helped you out. See, earlier this year, I did one of my raids on the Insound mp3 page. I'll download everything available on the "new" mp3 page, and almost always I end up finding 2 or 3 bands I really like. That's how I stumbled across Meneguar. Maybe this post is how you are stumbling across them. Serendipitous, I tell ya.

It's really rare these days that I hear something and love it immediately. It could be that by having heard so much music I'm harder to please, it could be that people don't write hooks the way they used to, or it could be that the real catchy stuff just isn't on the radio anymore. Meneguar write the kind of immediately likeable indie rock that I loved in the 90's. You'll probably first notice some Superchunk, particularly in the track I've posted here. But this ain't the Get-Up Kids. There's lots of guitars, all making interesting angles upon each other, spidering around and giving the listener the option of listening to their intersections, or enjoying the individual parts. A few bands still write guitar songs this way, the way Wire did on 154, and the way bands like Polvo, Blonde Redhead and Railroad Jerk did in the 90's, and The Strokes and Black Lipstick do today. There's energy here, and you can surely dance to this like you're a young hipster in a VW commercial. It's still new enough sounding, especially with the multiple vocals that seem to pervade a lot of music that I consider to be "for the kids." And best of all, as much as I love this song -- the rest of I Was Born At Night doesn't sound exactly like it, and it's still great.

This may not be that easy to find in stores, but they have it at Insound, and since that's where I found out about them, I'd suggest going there to get it.

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