Monday, December 05, 2005

The High Strung 12/02/05 Detroit

I have managed to see the High Strung three times in the past six months – once at the Birmingham Baldwin Public Library on their nationwide library tour (after they judged a local high school “Battle of the Bands”); a record release show on the stageless second floor at Mephisto’s in Hamtramck (complete with a cage dancer on the first floor); and this past Friday night at the Magic Stick in Detroit. The common thread – regardless of venue and circumstance - these three men give up the rock and leave the fans smiling and sweaty.

They also happen to be the beneficiaries of extreme doses of THC – Tall Hot Chicks who love to stand up front and dance like maniacs when these guys hit the stage. I don’t exactly get it, but I’m sure as heck not complaining being a very TGD (Tall Goofy Dude) myself. I suppose if I was a Tall Hot Chick and wanted to do the froog with my peers, the High Strung would be a much better than average option. That kind of sums up the live experience: people having fun playing music for people to have fun to. Or something like that.

The show was solid as usual, with a sprinkling of their entire catalog up for grabs. The hits were there, and “Wretched Boy” and “Cored Out Apple” were the set highlights for me. No “Loretta” which I have yet to hear live, but a great action packed show. Super tight, and just very… damn… likable is about the best way that I can describe them. Things ended with some sort of jazz odyssey type jam with heavy crowd participation, including two very Tall, very Hot Chicks singing backup and dancing on stage. A great finish to a great set.

Fans of the good pop music will love these guys, live and on record. I am still a bit more partial to “These Are Good Times” but the recent “Moxie Bravo” is terrific and it all sounds great live. The live show seals the deal, so make sure not to miss it. And if there are any THC’s out there who want to make one of my dreams come true and turn up at a great indie rock show wearing either a Fidrych, Skiles, or Bird game jersey, please do not hesitate to supply advance warning.

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