Thursday, October 27, 2005

Black Moth Super Rainbow

Since I blabbered on about Boards of Canada and bands that sound like them, I really should go ahead and plug the new Black Moth Super Rainbow. It's not that I think BMSR sound all that much like Boards, it's that they invoke the same kind of nostalgic joy when I listen to them. They have a new 12" EP out, which you can order at

I ordered mine yesterday. Every single thing I've heard from them is a lovingly imperfect treat. There are song samples on the site, and I went and coverted the m4a from the new EP to an mp3 for easier consumption.

If you ever liked the theme from In Search Of, you need to hear this band.

Fetch the unmastered version of the title track from the new 12" : Black Moth Super Rainbow - Lost, Picking Flowers In The Woods



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